X-Men Red #1

X-Men Red #1 releases tomorrow, and I've already read it. Comic Shop Owner Privilege. Check out my thoughts on this latest addition to the ever X-panding slate of X titles below!

X-Men Red #1 brings together the beginnings of the recently-returned-from-the-dead Jean Grey's new team of mutants. With a purpose. That I won't spoil here, as it really is central to the book's plot.

So, who's on the new team in this first issue? All New Wolverine and Honey Badger* (Laura's clone, Gabby, who debuted in All New Wolverine #2) are the first to join Jean, before she even really has a mission. Not long after that our favorite teleporter, Nightcrawler, decides to come along for the ride. Finally, a prominent mutant who hasn't typically had much to do with the X-Men decides to join Jean's cause... Namor! As strange as it sounds to have Namor on an X-team, trust me, it makes perfect sense here...for reasons I will not spoil, as they are central to the book's plot....

X-Men Red is an excellent addition to the growing library of monthly Mutant titles. If you're currently not reading any X books, this is a totally safe and separate point to jump on. If you're currently reading one (or all) of the X books, this title brings something different to the table and is most definitely worth a spot in your "priority, to read" stack.

Tom Taylor serves as scribe on this book, and he's done an excellent job creating a worthwhile mission for our recently resurrected heroine. Mahmud Asrar's pencil work meshes well with the tale, lending enough realism to add gravity to the story, while keeping it stylistic enough to entertainingly show off the  powers and characters featured in the series.

Pick up a copy of X-Men Red #1 for yourself, starting Wednesday, February 7th!

*- Honey Badger is a stupid name. It's cute for, like... 2 minutes. But then it's just stupid. There. I said it.