Let the Games Begin!....Soon!

We've been talking about getting gaming up and running for some time now, and it looks like the first wave of games we'll be carrying is Walking Dead TacDex, DC Justice League Dice Masters, and Marvel Dice Masters, with Magic: The Gathering to follow shorty after!

Walking Dead TacDex is a fun and easy to learn twist on the basic card game War. Special Action cards change the gameplay up on the fly, a High/Low Battle Marker flips the rules in an instant, it features original illustrations by Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard, offers fast rounds with infinite replayability, and has a low cost entry point.

DC and Marvel Dice Masters both feature a robust cast of characters from their respective universes, interchangeable sets, highly collectible booster packs, endless replayablitily, and fast paced head to head action! This is a more complex game than The Walking Dead TacDex, so you can expect longer and more in depth battles of a more competitive nature. Build your own dream team of heroes and villains to conquer your adversaries one battle at a time!

We're really excited to get the gaming started, and we hope you'll join us for all the action packed fun!