Growing Pains

So. Much. Work.

Let me start by saying I am absolutely terrible at web design. Like, REALLY terrible. You know how bad you look when you're trying to do The Robot or The Running Man when you think no one is looking? Multiply that by a really big number and that's how bad I am at this stuff. But, through persistence and with the aid of a few gallons of diet soda, here we are. Looking at what currently passes for our blog. On our new website!

**cue thunderous applause**

Some of the other projects we've been working on include a serious redesign in the layout of our storefront. Have you seen it lately? It's looking pretty sharp. Make sure you get down here and check it out. We're proud of the changes we've made, and we think you'll approve.

We're also introducing a cool new subscription service that we hope to have up and running by Free Comic Book Day. We think it's a great deal for our customers, and actually earns you some store credit in the process. I won't go into it here, since it can be found elsewhere on the site. 

And we're FINALLY joining the rest of the world in having a real online presence. We've integrated an email service that you can sign up for from our website and facebook page. Speaking of, if you haven't yet clicked "Like" on our facebook page, go do it now! we've got some handy links on the site here to guide you to it!

I could drone on a while longer about all the work we've done getting Universal Comics ready for Prime Time, but that'll just cut into the time we have to get all our ducks in a row for Free Comic Book Day. Stick with us, we're poised to become a heavy hitter in the Comics World, and we want you along for the ride!

See ya Wednesday, True Believers!